The Molly Brown
Single-Mother Give Away.

Honouring the awesomeness of single mothers 

As part of Sunkissed Casa BnB, we have started The Molly Brown Single-Mother Give Away. My Nanna was called Molly Brown and she raised my father and Aunty on her own. She had no parents and no siblings to help her and she worked hard to pay the bills and give them everything they needed. Including a lot of love. I was one when she died, so I didn't get to know her, but according to my dad she was a fantastic woman. It's only now as a mother, that I understand how hard it must have been for her to raise her children on her own. (Let's be honest, Scott goes out for half a day and I lose my s**t). So, The Molly Brown Single-Mother giveaway is honouring single-mothers. Their dedication, their tenacity, their courage and their strength. For every tenth booking at our Sunkissed Casa holiday rental, we'll gift two nights at  to a kick-ass single mother. If you want to nominate someone, head to our Instagram account @sunkissedcasa and tag an awesome single mother who deserves a break and tell us why she is so bloody awesome in the comments.

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