I am not a book shop but this site is a collection of things I love, and books fall into that category. So it made sense to do a book bundle. When contemplating which books to choose, they had to tick a few boxes - Uplifting, inspiring, good for mind, soul or body, and/or empowering.

This book bundle is all those things. Don't think too much about. (I've done the thinking for you, that's kind of the point). But just so you know what you're getting, allow me to enlighten you...


'So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had S.e.x' by Ian Kerner, literally changed my s.e.x life. I am someone who has always associated s.e.x with shame and my first sexual experiences were somewhat traumatic. I had been contemplating seeing a therapist about this when I walked in the book store (Bookacino in Avalon) and saw this on the counter. I picked it up, read the back of it - which talks about how Ian Kerner is a very well-respected s.e.x therapist, and thought... perfect! Long story short, it's a fascinating read and really helped me sort through a lot fo my s.e.x baggage. It comes with homework exercises to do with your partner, which we both enjoyed. Plus I learnt more about myself, which I am always into.


Second, 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' by Florence Given - is basically a book every woman of all ages should read. It's a reminder of who you were before society told you who to be, and reminds you that you don't owe anyone anything. So, I'd say that falls into the empowering category. (Insert strong arm emoji here)


Thirdly, Meredith Gaston's 'The Art Of Gratitude' - Such a beautiful book full of wonderful little reminders that life is truly special. 2021 has been a ball-ache of a year, let's be honest - and at times it's been hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel. But this book does a remarkable job of highlighting ways to find gratitude in the everyday. And not obvious things either, Meredith's creativity brings 'generosity'  to life in interesting and inspiring ways. 


This bundle comes gift wrapped in eco wrapping. A lovely gift for Christmas or someone you love - even if that someone is yourself.

'Life-Changing Books' Bundle