Hubby's are hard to buy for. They pretend they like everything and anything but it's bullsh*t. They like GOOD stuff. My hubby is especially particular which is why I created this bundle, based on his 'hard to please' tatse. In fact I should have called it The Scott Bundle.


What's in it?

 -A bag for his stuff.

- A mug for his coffee.

- Some Everyday Adventure cards to help him come up with some clever ways to entertain you. And get him out of the house.

- Some all natural deodorant. (Do I need to explain this one?)


Comes gift wrapped in our compostable brown paper so you don't have to lift a pretty finger.  


An epic gift for the every man. (*And all other genders.)


More about the bag:

The Sunkissed Casa Man-Bag is made out of recycled tent canvas and lined with soft cotton. The perfect bag for grocery shopping, a sleep over or a day at the beach. Approx 48cm X 38cm.

Each bag is unique with small markings from it's former tent-life. The worn in fabric gives the bag a cool industrial feel, while the soft cotton lining breathes new life and adds a splash of colour. Tent fabric is sturdy and strong with a slightly waxy feel, so these bags should last you a lifetime and age well.


More about the Mug:

Hand made by Air. I met Air when she came to my house delivering other ceramics by another artist. I asked her what she did and she said "I'm a ceramacist too". When I saw her stuff I immediately fell in love with it. I love the rawness of it, the industrial feel and weight to it. There's a charm and purposefully unrefinded quality to Air's designs that speak to my bohemian side. These make beautiful gifts and interesting, special and unique pieces in your cabinet.  


More about the deororant: 

The Biode natural deodorant has been formulated with body odour busting ingredients and without harmful aluminum salts or sweat blockers. Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients from the earth that are safe to return to the earth, this deodorant is completely invisible and will not mark clothes. 60g.


More about the Adventure Cards:

A chance to re-discover the thrill of discovery hidden in normal life, The School of Life's Everyday Adventures invites you to explore new things in familiar places. The 60 prompt cards encourage you to find fresh experiences, inviting you to do things like try a new fruit from the market or ask your parents about what they were like in their youth. It's easy to thread these mini-adventures through your daily life, to find joy in unexpected places.

The Hubby Bundle