Been dreaming about upgrading your toiletries? Well now's your chance!

Once you go cup you never go back and you can throw this toothbrush into the compost when you're finished. Just break off the bristle head first. It's also biodegradable, durable, naturally antibacterial, and BPA free.

Biode's natural deodorant is the best I've every tried and once you're finished with it you can throw it into your compost. The packaging is truly sustainable and eco.


Bundle includes:

- One adult toothbrush (see below for colour choices)

- One menstrual Cup (Medium)

- One Biode Deodorant (please choose carb free or regular in 'add notes' at checkout )


Don't forget to choose your toothbrush colour by adding a note at checkout.

Pink, purple and yellow - medium bristle.

Or blush pink, sky blue, charcoal and mint green - soft bristle. 

Otherwise I will gladly choose one for you. :)


Eco Femme Pack