The Sunkissed Casa Man-Bag is made out of recycled tent canvas and lined with soft cotton. The perfect bag for grocery shopping, a sleep over or a day at the beach. Approx 48cm X 38cm.

Each bag is unique with small markings from it's former tent-life. The worn in fabric gives the bag a cool industrial feel, while the soft cotton lining breathes new life and adds a splash of colour. Tent fabric is sturdy and strong with a slightly waxy feel, so these bags should last you a lifetime and age well.


About our Bags:

Fast fashion is one of the biggest problems we are facing when it comes to land-fill. That's why our Sunkissed Casa Bags are made with sustainability in mind. By repurposing old tent fabric we are helping to minimising land fill, while cotton is one of the best sustainable fabric choices - it is a natural fibre and can return to the earth.


Our Sunkissed Casa bags are handmade locally made in the Northen Beaches of Sydney, co-deigned by myself and talented designer (and dear friend) Pamela Berbigier, who also makes them. You can see Pamela's beautiful clothes on her website Ella Fashion.


Part of our sustainable philosophy is to practice minimal packaging. We also love our customers to feel special when opening them. That's why our products are beautifully wrapped in recycled brown paper and sent to you in a compostable postage bag.

Sunkissed Casa Man-Bag

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