The only face oil you need! Hemp is a plant with the potential to not only change your skin – but the whole world – for the better!


Our Sunkissed Casa anti-ageing face-oil has been designed to brighten and smooth skin tone, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, whilst stimulating collagen and removing dead skin cells. It leaves skin hydrated, firmer, and luminous. With assistance from organic essential oils and Generation Green hemp, timeless face-oil tightens, brightens and rejuvenates, for the best skin at any age. Hemp oil can reduce redness and inflammation, soothe irritation, hydrate whilst regulating oil production. It has been thought to aid with acne or combination skin, though it is beneficial to all skin types.


Use as often as you would use any oil. Our hemp oil works well in conjunction with dermatologist-advised acids and retinoids, as it may mitigate the irritation they cause.


Did you know that hemp:

- is bursting with 100s of natural compounds that are good for humans and the planet.

- has beneficial qualities that have been referenced throughout the ages in mainstream medicine and folk medicine as early as 2737 BC.

- is self-sustaining, requires less water than other crops and absorbs significant quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere – all desirable planet-positive properties.


Only organic-method farmed hemp goes into our Anti-Ageing Hemp Oil which we source from a Generation Green. By buying this product you are helping to fund research into ways to expand the benefit of hemp for medical, construction, health, food, soil-improvement, animal and human wellness and clean energy generation.


We hope you love this product as much as we do!

Anti-ageing Organic Hemp Face Oil

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