I am not a book shop but this site is a collection of things I love, and books fall into that category. When contemplating which books to choose, they had to tick a few boxes - Uplifting, inspiring, good for mind, soul or body, and/or empowering.


'So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had S.e.x' by Ian Kerner, literally changed my s.e.x life. I am someone who has always associated s.e.x with shame and my first sexual experiences were somewhat traumatic. I had been contemplating seeing a therapist about this when I walked in the book store (Bookacino in Avalon) and saw this on the counter. I picked it up, read the back of it - which talks about how Ian Kerner is a very well-respected s.e.x therapist, and thought... perfect! Long story short, it's a fascinating read and really helped me sort through a lot fo my s.e.x baggage. It comes with homework exercises to do with your partner, which we both enjoyed. Plus I learnt more about myself, which I am always into.

So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex - Ian Kerner