The Biode natural deodorant has been formulated with body odour busting ingredients and without harmful aluminum salts or sweat blockers. There's a delicious ‘woody’ blend of essential oils to neutralise odour for all day protection. The easy to use push-up tube allows you to apply this paste deodorant with no mess and no fuss.


Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients from the earth that are safe to return to the earth, this deodorant is completely invisible and will not mark clothes. 60g.


My favourite things about the Biode products is they make 100% home compostable and biodegradable body care products. From the paper packaging printed with vegetable-based inks, to the labels - every touch point is made to return to earth in your home compost. No landfill required. They are formulated and manufactured in Australia using 100% natural ingredients. Good for you. Good for the Earth. 


And no smelly underarms. Big wins all round.

Natural Deodorant - Into the Woods