These little gems changed my life. Seriously, time to ditch the tampons and say hello to the cup. I’m not one to go as far as pouring my monthly blood into the soil and chanting under a full moon (although I’m up for anything witchy these to be honest), but there’s something kinda cool about seeing how much blood your body can produce.


Reasons for: You can wear a cup for much longer than tampons (up to 12 hours), there’s no leakage, it creates much less waste and you can throw it in your hand bag for easy access. Also, it’s made with the very best quality medical grade silicone. It’s FDA certified and free of chemicals so there’s no chance of putting any nasties inside your body. These bad ass cups have been produced to meet the highest standards to make periods easier for women everywhere.


Diameter: 4.9 cm, height: 5.5 cm, stem height: 2 cm

Menstrual Cup - Regular