Kiss Me Tenderly

(Rose, Cucumber & Sage Leaf)


TOP NOTES: Lavender & Cucumber

MIDDLE NOTES: Sage Leaf & Rose

BASE NOTES: Chamomile & Musk


When you wake up, you have no idea where you are. You look around to find something familiar, but there's nothing you know, and no one you recognise. In fact, there is no one here at all. Just you. You stuble to your feet and feel a cool breeze brush your cheek. As you turn, you see the most beautiful field of pink roses. The smell is surprisingly subtle as you make your way through a small opening, into the maze of flowers. "Hello" says a small child. "Would you like some cold water?" The child hands you a glass and you drink it down. It's fresh, delicious, and you had no idea how thirsty you were. You suck on the ice and bite into slice of cucumber you find at the bottom of the glass. "Thank you", You say as you hand the glass back, "I really needed that." You bend down and kiss the child tenderly on the cheek, only now realising, that child is you. 


MANTRA: The only person who can truly give me what I need, is myself. 


About our Candles 

Our Sunkissed Casa Candles are made from soy wax and are sustainable, vegan friendly and biodegradable. The fragrance oils are synthetic in substance to ensure the best performance when used in soy wax and contain a high percentage of essential oils for an accurate and natural scent. They are nontoxic and do not contain palm oil. Part of our sustainable philosophy is to practice minimal packaging. That's why our candles are wrapped in recycled brown paper and have no unnecessary box packaging.


Designed and developed in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia.


To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, the wick should be trimmed to a length of 1/4 inch each time before lighting. Candles should never be left burning unattended and discontinue when 8mm of wax remains.


Approx 60 hours burn time.

Kiss Me Tenderly

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