These sexy little single serve cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate coming out of lockdown! Chill those glasses, shake and pour. Put your feet up and ENJOY!


Combo includes:


Negroni Cocktail

INGREDIENTS: • Gin • Martini Rosso • Martini Bitters. VOLUME: 100mL SERVES: 1 STANDARD DRINKS: 1.3 ALC / VOL: 21% SHELF-LIFE: 6-12 months

- Classic Margarita Cocktail

INGREDIENTS: • Tequila • Lime • Triple Sec VOLUME: 100mL SERVES: 1 STANDARD DRINKS: 2.6 ALC / VOL: 33% SHELF-LIFE: 2-3 months

Love Potion Cocktail 

INGREDIENTS: Vodka• Chambord• Peach Schnapps• Cranberry• Lime• Grenadine• Swirling edible gold fleck) Volume: 100mL SERVES: 1. STANDARD DRINKS: 1.3 ALC / VOL: 17% SHELF-LIFE: 2-3 months.

Cocktail Combo