I think this is possibly the lovliest butter dish I've ever seen. I love the colour and the speckled rawness of the clay. It's as if this dish spent a day in the sun and came home with some lovely freckles. 

Every Air Made piece is handmade and therefore unique. No butter dish will ever be the same. A truly beautiful addition to yours or someone else's kitchen - any butter would be so happy to have this as it's home. 


Why I love these products:

I met Air when she came to my house delivering other ceramics by another artist. I asked her what she did and she said "I'm a ceramacist too". When I saw her stuff I immediately fell in love with it. I love the rawness of it, the industrial feel and weight to it. There's a charm and purposefully unrefinded quality to Air's designs that speak to my bohemian side. These make beautiful gifts and interesting, special and unique pieces in your cabinet.  


More about Air:

Air is a ceramicist located in Sydney’s Inner West, producing handcrafted pieces from her home studio. With a background in graphic design, she has explored many artistic mediums and found ceramics to be her primary joy. Most of the ceramics featured are hand-built using pinching, coiling and carving techniques, though this

is a time-consuming method it allows Air to connect more intimately with each piece. Whilst this is her preferred method of creating ceramics, Air continues to further hone her skills wheel-

throwing, predominately mugs and other basic forms. 

Butter Dish - Airr Made