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Why I started Sunkissed Casa

I recently posted about why I started Sunkissed Casa on my Instagram. And I think it's worth adding to this blog so other people can stumble across it who may not have read my post.

I've been trying to put into words for myself lately why I feel so excited to wake up everyday, but it's been hard to articulate. I guess the feeling is a sense of empowerment. After being in the film industry and feeling so un-empowered as an actress and film-maker, for so many years, finally stepping into a business and having full control over it, feels so fricken good. There are many people who do well out of the creative arts industry. My father for one has had a GREAT career as an actor and a producer. My mother, would seemingly (to outsiders) have had the same - but to her, it's been a turbulent and for the most part soul destroying career. She is now a farmer and couldn't be happier than a pig in shit. Most people don't know how hard it is to make a living as an actor or writer or director. People think if you're on TV or in films you must be loaded. How far from the truth that is. Most will work a part time job as a barista, shop assistant, Uber driver or whatever they can find to supplement their passion to act, write and direct. Most jobs are few and far between and although they pay better than average when you land one, that money has to last months sometimes, until the next job comes around. As for auditions, don't even get me started. If I added up all the hours I've spent walking around talking to myself out loud, trying to learn lines for an upcoming audition that no one will see (minus the casting director), that I probably wont get, that I don't get paid for, and that for the most part are for cliched and obvious characters, well... you get my point. WASTE. OF. TIME. Suddenly when you have kids you wake up to yourself and realise how short life is. Well I did. Working hard and not being rewarded for it seems like a bullshit way to live just to satisfy my own ego. I work hard, and I like working hard. But I want to feel like its FOR something. I want to feel like I'm progressing in the queue.


No one talks about money. It's private, I get that. But I'm also someone who feels like if you don't share sometimes private things you don't get a true indication about how other people do things. I'd probably put myself in the category of "doing okay" but still "busting my ass to be doing okay". I'm not going to go into the details of how I've come to be at that point. Some hard work slash some help from my parents slash some smart investments slash I found a fifty dollar note on the ground one day. 🤷🏼‍♀️Anyway - I bought an investment unit in Bondi nine years ago & sold it last year then used the money to buy an apartment in Avalon so I could turn it into an Airbnb and manage it closer to home. I spent some time really learning about how to do it well. Not just taking a punt but REALLY understanding the art of it. I did @thehostingmasterclass course which made me so excited about it and helped me to see it as a proper business, not just a side hustle. It taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to take the reins and make my new investment work for me, as opposed to me working for it. Now, it's getting some serious bookings and I'm so proud of this leap. I walk into this space and feel so fricken proud of what I have created. Proud of the decision I made to do it and proud of the experience guests have when they stay here. I spent the last fifteen years in an industry that seemed to take a lot more from me than it gave (yes film industry I'm talking to u) and even though this might seem less interesting or less creative or less glamorous... I can honestly tell you, I've never felt more of a sense of achievement.

Now what started as an Airbnb has evolved into a shop with our own Sunkissed Casa products and other beautiful brands that we love. So, aside from publicly patting myself on the back, I wanted to share that story and my evolution b/c it's scary starting something new but sometimes u just gotta listen to that voice that says "YES! NOW IS THE TIME" and JUST DO IT. Thanks for bearing witness to my journey. And no this isn't an invitation for trolls to tell me I only got where I am because of my parents - f*ck off.


Thanks for stopping by. xx

At Sunkissed Casa we package everything in recycled brown paper and eco compostable wrap. Below are a few of my favourite Sunkissed Casa products.

Our Sunkissed Casa Man-Bag. Made from old discarded ten fabric, salvaged and brought back to life with a beautiful cotton lining. I reckon this is the coolest bag I've ever owned. In love with it.

Also in love with...

Our Sunkissed Casa Natural Soy Wax Candles. They come in six scents. Locally made.

And of course, our Sunkissed Casa Anti-Ageing Organic Face Oil. Which I use several times a day. It smells delicious too.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got something from this other than a whole lot of photos of me. Sorry about that.

Matilda. xx

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