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What's To Like About Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy - what's to like about it?

Well, there's a lot to hate tbh. It's cold for starters and if you're anything like me (a total wus when it comes to the cold) then you won't be looking forward to the experience. On the other hand, there are many things to love about it. I'm not expert on health, but luckily my hubby Scott is, so I've pulled him into another Q&A, this time about the benefits of cold therapy.

Matilda: Why would anyone subject themselves to cold therapy? There must be some pretty good health benefits. What are they?

Scott: Firstly, it triggers your sympathetic nervous system. Being adrenaline, cortisol and its biological cousin dopamine. This produces a state of alertness, readiness, drive and motivation that can last for hours after cold exposure. Secondly, if exposed to cold water for long enough to induce a shiver response (this might include repeated exposure, so going in and coming out several times), this has the effect of converting beige fat to brown fat. Essentially brown fat is energetic fat and promotes a faster metabolism. Also to my mind, it trains your body and mind to be resilient, to step into the uncomfortable and be okay with that. Which can yield positive results in all facets of life where the uncomfortable presents itself. It also helps to propagate ketones.

Matilda: Amazing. Is there a certain way one should do cold therapy? Or do we just jump in a cold bath?

Scott: There's many different ways. Cold bath, ice bath, streams, rivers, lakes, ocean. The easiest one is cold showers as we all have them.

Matilda: How long should we be in the cold to experience the benefits? Can I just jump in and get out straight away?

Scott: No. You have to commit to a certain about of time to reap the benefits. 3-5 minutes 2-3 times a week. Or whatever it takes to induce that shiver response if the goal is to lose weight. Otherwise the best way to know if you're getting the benefits is to experiment yourself. Start with 3 minutes and see how you feel. Bear in mind that prolonged cold exposure is risky.

Matilda: You were doing it every morning and kind of addicted to it. Why have you stopped?

Scott: The pool got warm so I finish on a cold shower now. Which in some ways is harder because when we're in a body of water that's not moving, ie an ice bath or a swimming pool - our body heats up the water proximal to your skin. So it almost gives us insulation. However, in an ocean, stream or shower where the water is flowing over you, that insulation effect is removed.

Matilda: How long do you do that for?

Scott: As long as it takes me to floss my teeth.

Matilda: Okay great. That'll do I reckon.

Now - I wont lie, I'm no fundamentalist when it comes to cold therapy. I've probably done three in my life. BUT, they do feel great. I reckon this guy is LOVING it.


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