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Today's Agenda

5 Ways To Bring You A Smile

And Business Shout Out

First way to bring a smile.

Write a HAIKU! 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Haikus can be written for just about anything. There are haikus for humour, to raise social awareness, to evoke emotions, or to reminisce on the past. Haikus are a microcosm of a larger idea or feeling. They are brief, poignant, and powerful.

For example:

Picture this woman

saying no to the constant

yes of slavery    … 

( Sonia Sanchez )

The heading of this newsletter is my attempt at a Haiku. It was a little bit of fun and made me smile while trying to come up with something that would accurately represent this newsletter and stay true to a haiku. You could make this part of your home schooling routine or something to do with your family over dinner or just something to do on your own as you contemplate life. Okay. Your turn!

Second way to bring a smile.

Send someone a message who you haven't connected with in a while. Maybe you've been too busy. Maybe you had a falling out and want to move on. Maybe you just want to tell a family member that you love them. Do it.

Third way to bring a smile.

Give your feet some love. They do so much for us and we rarely give them the credit they deserve. Find something you can fill with water, big enough to put your feet in, add some epson salts and essential oils, soak them. Close your eyes and switch off. Think of all the places they take you. Say "Thank you feet". Say "Sorry I don't appreciate you." Say "Feet. Without you I would find life infinitely more difficult." Say "Even though you aren't the prettiest things in the world, you are strong and tough and you rarely complain. I admire your calloused thick skin."

Forth way to bring a smile.

Do the above for someone in your household. As gross as their feet may be.


Fifth way to bring a smile.

Make and eat some healthy chocolate ice cream. Like this one. Preferably in the sun.



Because there is nothing more important than our health, this shout out goes to Layla Metcalfe. Naturopath and clinical nutritionist. You can find her on instagram under her name and inquire at

Q & A with Layla:

M: Why do you do what you do?

L: I love being a naturopath and the many hats I wear with this title. I have a private clinic which I’ve operated for 12 years and have also been lucky to teach at uni, public speaking, public and private health care and now having the knowledge to care for my little family. As a naturopath, I am able to educate and support people how to be healthy, happy and as corny and cliched as it sounds, live their best life. It’s rewarding on so many levels.

M: What makes your business different?

L:The clock doesn’t stop when the consult is over. I am available outside of clinic hours to my patients if they need. I think this is really rare and also really valuable. The easier it is, the more likely to get speedy results. I think having open commutation lines really fosters this. Also, while I treat most conditions/ cases, I specialise in those conditions that I have experienced myself. I have collected a few illnesses in my time and feel qualified from a practitioner and experiential platform. I have endometriosis, suffered from asthma, anxiety, depression, faced infertility, had a baby etc etc. I think experiencing conditions first hand allows me to be able to navigate treatment for my patients in a different way than if i had not. Of course you need the theory and knowledge, but being able to empathise with your patient is really a really valuable tool in the toolkit.

M:What's your number 1 health tip?

L: Laugh everyday. And make someone else laugh everyday.

I think we all can take life too seriously. Especially right now. And mental health is a really important issue.

M: What is keeping you sane right now?

L: Four things.

1. Walking into mullum at 6am with my man and my baby girl for a take away double shot Cappuccino with coconut cream. I go to sleep at night excited for this morning ritual.

2. Having a beach 5km away. Spending all day making sandcastles with my baby girl.

3. Sunday night zoom trivia with my family who live far away.

4. Milky cereal and cold pumpkin soup for dinner. Sounds disgusting. It’s amazing.


That's all folks! I hope this letter brought a smile to your face. I hope you are taking care. I hope your feet feel happy after the love you give them. If you feel like this newsletter would be appreciated by someone please forward it on so they can subscribe below.

I am off to give Scott's feet a bath now. Wish me luck...


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