• Matilda Brown

Sunkissed Casa Newsletter #4

So exciting! Spring is in the air!

Here. Have an ice cream on us!


Wasn't that delicious?

How are you guys and girls? (mostly girls). What's going on in your lives? Is everyone OKAY? Do you have someone to talk to if you're not? Please reach out to me if you are alone and struggling. I will make time to listen to you. Seriously. The world is suffering right now and so are people. In all of this I wonder if we have forgotten our human-ness. I have not forgotten my human-ness and if I can help in anyway I will.


Just when you thought I'd forgotten to add a photo of us, think again!

Sometimes Scott likes to make fun of my small nose.

Oh it’s tricky being a human in this day an age isn't it?

So many options, choices, opportunities. So many things to care about, so many places to visit. So many political correctness’s to adhere to, lines to not cross, hashtags to keep up with. So many classic books to read, cult films to watch, articles by geniuses to discuss, podcasts with thought-leaders to tune in to.

So many things we should do, shouldn’t do, should say, shouldn’t say. Contradictions, hypocrisies, philosophies, celebrities. So much we have to keep up with. Trends, shows, health, science, politics, the environment.

So many other people’s lives to compare to our own, different ways of living, better ways of ‘being’. So many ways to be better, bigger, smaller, fitter, faster, stronger, happier. So many careers to envy, bodies we’d rather inhabit, faces we’d rather have.

So many things to buy, so much more to learn and so many more dreams yet to be accomplished.

That’s why sometimes I like to pretend I’m a cat, and lay down on a soft carpet and just give zero fucks for an hour or two.



That's the kind of mood I'm in. So this week is going to be short. I meditated on Friday and my soul told me to take a break. Instead of cramming more into my week, I need to cram less. Anyone out there relate? Yes? Oh good. So let's take a break together. Let's just do less this week.

No agenda for this Newsletter, just a story to ponder. I am not the author of this story, and I don't know who is, I just read it somewhere and wanted to share...

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and accidentally bumps you, making you spill coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee?

Because someone bumped into you, right?


You spilled the coffee because coffee was in the cup.

If tea had been in it, you would have spilled tea.

Whatever is inside the cup is what will come out.

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you,

whatever is inside of you will come out.

So each of us has to ask..... what's in my cup?

When life gets bumpy, what spills over?

Joy, gratefulness, peace, and humility?

Or anger, bitterness, harsh words, and reactions?

We choose what's in our cup!

That's all this week. Sending love to everyone.

Scott and Matilda. XX


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