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Sunkissed Casa - Newsletter # 2

Hello! Us again! Thanks for everyone who joined the mailing list over the last two weeks. Welcome. If you didn't receive the first one, it's now on my site as a blog (obviously, as you're reading this). I had some really lovely feedback from you so thank you! I appreciate it so much. Makes me feel like this actually going somewhere...not just off into the ether, never to be seen or heard. You can leave little comments on the bottom of the blog if you want now too. :) In case you can't tell, I feel so proud of myself for making this site. If anyone out there has been wanting a website for their business, but thinks you need to pay someone to do it, and that's been stopping you, well guess what, you don't! There are some incredible sites out there that enable you to take things it into your own hands and it's so empowering. If I can do it, with 2 small kids and NO experience of web design, then so can you! You just have to dedicate some proper time to it, get really into it, get pretty much obsessed by it, to the point you find yourself thinking about it 24/7 like a new crush, and DO IT. I use a platform called Wix, it's simple to use and works great. (They don't pay me to say that).


Okay! On The Menu Today!

  1. How to get motivated - A simple trick when you can't find motivation.

  2. Scott's Health Tip - Weight Loss

  3. Recipe of the week - My pregnancy go-to

  4. Must Watch This Week

  5. Design Tip - Happy Home Essentials

  6. Back to Business - Shout out to my company Wolf

How To Get Motivated - Life Hack

In light of writing this Newsletter, I was looking through my phone (things I'd saved, favourited photos from years ago, notes etc) and came across this page from a book that I'd obviously taken a photo of because I thought it was pretty useful, but have no idea what the book was called or who wrote it. So apologies to the author, and thank you.

Motivation is an interesting concept and I often think about what drives us into action, from non-action. Especially because I work with a lot of coaches (in my other business) and I'm always learning from them. The thing about coaches that's very useful, is that they have a bunch of tools up their sleeve which are essentially life hacks. By the simple act of understanding something from a new perspective, we are liberated from our usual thinking, which can propel us into forward motion. And forward motion is often what is needed to fuel motivation.

So, as the author who I don't know says:

"If you're lacking the motivation to make an important change in your life - just do something".

Coaching is a relatively new and some what trending concept, but really they've been around for eons. A coach is just someone who champions you, supports you and helps you stay accountable to your goals. My dad was and always will be my coach. But there are specific coaches for specific things. If you feel stuck in the mud, consider reaching out to a life coach, a health coach, a business coach or just a friend who you know you can count on.


Scott's Health Tip - Weight Loss

Let's be honest. Most of us have wanted to lose weight from time to time in our lives. Not everyone. Some people are blessed with a matabolism that burns like fire, not I. I have to be vigilant about what I eat to keep my weight at a place I'm happy with. And it's definitely the thing Scott gets asked about most as a holistic nutrition coach. He did an open clinic last Thursday and people wrote in via his instgram or site to ask any questions they wanted answers to, and he answered them at length on Facebook live. I've edited that down to a slightly shorter version (though still quite long) and asked him to upload it to his YouTube page so you guys can see it. I always learn something new when I watch him talk, even though he is constantly spouting healthy information around the house. In this video he tackles the 3 principals of weight loss:

1. Calorie Deficit

2. Quality of Calories

3. Feeding Window


Join Scott's new Facebook group Custodian of Health to be kept in the loop on nutrition tips & live cooking.


Recipe Of The Week!

Yummy Yummy Yummy. I can hear your tummies rumbling.

This isn't everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love chicken livers. In fact when I was pregnant with Anouk I was so low in iron I would wake up craving them. Scott and I always try to eat parts of an animal that don't get much of a look in. We live in an age when eye fillets and chicken breast fly off the shelf but other parts of the beast get completely over looked. And weirdly, those parts are often the most nutritious and delicious. So! Get that look off your face, yes I know the one, I can see you doing it every time I say chicken livers. Put your adventure shoes on, open your mind to the possibility of being wrong and dip your toe in. Then let me know what you think! Have we converted you?? Are you in love with livers?? Or have we been crossed off your party list... Hope not.


Okay - take a half time break. Get up. Stretch. Do some jumping jacks. Let's meet back here in 5. And while you're gone ponder this...

Okay, we're back. How you feeling? Good? Great! We're nearly at the home stretch. Stay with me.


Must Watch This Week

'Humanity' by Ricky Gervais. It's on Netflix. Absolute genius and so refreshing considering we live in such a politically correct world. He says some stuff that you just think "you can't say that" and he does. And you piss yourself laughing. Do yourself a favour and watch it. Nothing else comes close to how good he is.


Design Time! - Home Essentials!

Ever wondered what makes a home welcoming? Well, here are 2 of my home must haves.

1. Smell. Smell is SO important. I recently sold my apparent in Bondi and bought an apartment in Avalon, which, as you might have guessed is Sunkissed Casa. During this time, I went to a lot of open inspections and it's probably not surprising, but what I noticed was that, some smelled like dirty socks and damp carpet and some smelled fresh and delicious (usually the ones hosted by females but that's besides the point). A simple candle burning in a corner made an immediate positive impact. I lasted one minute in the smelly ones before I made a swift exit. So, my two cents, find a scent you LOVE the smell of, and have it in your home. Make it your thing that when people enter your home they say, "yummm, it always smells so good in here". I spend way too much money on delicious smelling, non-toxic candles in my home and in Sunkissed Casa but it gives me such pleasure when people comment on how nice it is to be in the space.

2. Lighting. Lamps. Nice lamps. Weird lamps. Standing lamps. Big lamps. Small lamps. Second hand lamps. Lamps. I can't say it enough. If all you have in your home are standard lights that come from the ceiling... you are doing your home a serious lighting disservice. Lights create ambience and mood. This hits home for me big time when I go to one of my best friend's home because the lighting is so on point and interesting and beautiful and I'm always surprised because he's such a bloke. Then I remember that he is a cinematographer and it makes complete sense. (For those of you who don't know what that is, a cinematographer is the camera man/woman on set and his/her job is to know exactly how to light the scene. So. Lighting. Start with a lamp in a boring corner. Put a chair and some books next to it. Play around. Or, if you walk more on the kooky side of life, you might opt for something like the below. From @lightbulbies instagram.


Back To Business - Shout Out When covid first hit I started a culture building company with the intention of lifting people up and supporting businesses big and small. I partnered with a Marketing Company up in Brisbane (called Bear) and we called ourselves Wolf because Wolves are known for supporting the pack. They lead from the back so no one is left behind. That's the philosophical heartbeat of our company. We run workshops that are fun, challenging, interactive and give immediate implementable tools and strategies to help scale business. We usually run these workshops within big organisations but I really want small businesses and sole traders to be able to access the learnings to help them thrive too, so for the first time we have opened up one of our most popular workshops to the individual. It's The Ultimate Sales Worksop and tickets are available on Event Bright. Click the button below to find out more.


That's pretty much it folks. Thanks for letting me drop into your inbox. It's a lot to digest so take your time and if you want, let me know what you liked (and didn't like) so I can learn. Forward on to anyone you think would get something from this and bin it if you think it's garbage.

Sending love to you all during this challenging time. Some of us are in lockdown, others aren't. But mostly we are all in a weird time and whether we consciously feel it to not, it will be effecting all of us. Covid has a funny way of turning people into cu*nts. Excuse my French. I dropped my mask on the ground the other day then quickly picked it up and put it back on my face and a woman lost her shit at me, just couldn't believe I could do such a disgusting thing. Let's all just try and be kind to each other. I'll leave you with an except from Alain de Botton's Book - The Course Of Love.

Matilda & Scott.


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