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Sunkissed Casa Newsletter #1

Wow. That's a big photo of your faces!

Sure is! Hello! Matilda here! (And Scott - occasionally, when we need him). Welcome to the very first Sunkissed Casa Newsletter!! How exciting! Firstly, we're in lockdown at the moment so I just want to take a moment to say... HANG IN THERE! I know there are people doing it way tougher than me in the world. I'm lucky enough to live in a home with a backyard, so my thoughts go out to those who are stuck between four walls. It's not a fun time. If you think this Newsletter will help anyone - please pass it on.

What can I expect from this Fortnightly Newsletter I hear you ask?

Well... It's pretty simple. Over two weeks I'll jot down my favourite things, musings and discoveries and compile them into some kind of format, which will become this newsletter. If you want it delivered to your inbox please pop your email in the annoying little pop up that should have appeared on the home screen by now.

I imagine it will change and evolve with each newsletter but generally you can expect to receive (in no particular order):

  • A personal story (sometimes old, sometimes new), could be something I'm going through, a pondering, or something about our Northern Beaches community.

  • A recipe/health tip from Scott (See, he does come in handy).

  • A podcast, book, TV show or some music that I'm loving.

  • Some interior design inspiration from my own home, or Sunkissed Casa, or my parent's home (shhhh), or just something I've seen in a book or out and about etc.

  • Maybe some quotes, or a poem etc.

  • All in all, some pretty life changing information. ;)

I am always open to feedback. So if you have any suggestions, want to tell me things you loved / didn't love about it, things you want more of, less of, or just want to say hi, feel free to do so. Or better yet, send a message to the Sunkissed Casa Instagram account and follow along on our hosting journey. My deepest apologies if I don't reply. I will always try but sometimes I am so busy with life that I just might not find the time. I love you all though, I really do.


Anyway... Enough about me. How are you? Perhaps you're in need of a little self-care. A back rub. A cuddle. Maybe you just need a big cry! Just checking, because sometimes it takes someone to say it, before we can acknowledge that, yes, that's exactly what I need. I had a big cry the other day and it felt really good. I went for a run, then I put my headphones in, sat on a seat by the beach, let the sun hit my eyelids and turned up this song called La Vita - by Beverly Glenn-Copeland. And the tears just came streaming down my cheeks. It felt SO good. I highly recommend it.

Essentially, I hope this Newsletter feels like a big warm hug or a hot cup of coco brought to you from your favourite grandparent.

My mum sent me this poem recently. I love it because as a kid she always made me appreciate the little things, always encouraging me to find the wonder and marvel at the ordinary things in life. Walking along the side of the road in the Malibu Hills (I was 4) she’d stop to pick some wild flowers, then she’d sniff the air and say “Doesn’t that smell delicious”. “What is it?” I’d say. “Just fresh air”. And we'd keep walking. Or we’d be driving somewhere, and she’d point, “Look Til! Isn’t that tree magnificent”. And I’d look, suddenly aware of the extraordinary colours. Or she’d sip her tea and take in the light on a winter’s day, reflecting: “Light is always the most beautiful in Winter”. And I’d believe her, because now I knew the difference, light is more beautiful in Winter. Or we’d be walking through long wet grass at the farm with worn in riding boots and she’d cast her eye over the paddock, “Why are we stopping?” I might have said, waiting for her to tell me: “Isn’t dew on grass just so lovely?” I didn’t even notice it until she brought it to my attention. “Yeah. It is”.

It’s so easy to miss the ordinary in life. How easy it can just pass us by. That’s why, as a kid, I needed her to show me, otherwise I would have missed it. Over the years, I've felt like Mum stopped pointing out the beautiful, ordinary things in life, and I started to wonder if maybe she’d forgotten. But now she’s returned to the land and become a farmer, and I think she's starting to remember.

Value Add? Try it yourself. When you're driving or racing around, when your mind is full of things to do/bills to pay/groceries to unpack/the world is f**ked thoughts... Look around. You might see something Exra-Ordinary.


Enough philosophising Matilda, get to the food please!

Okay! Geez, calm your farm. Here it is. It's Winter. So you're getting Leftovers Soup. Cheap, cheerful, and your fridge will thank me. The link (below the photo) takes you to Scott's site which is full of free recipes so if that don't tickle your fancy, find one that does!

Health Tip...

Now as many of you know, I have a 4 month old little girl and a 2 year old boy who doesn't stop moving. Not to mention a business, a bnb, a step son and a husband. Life is BUSY. And my life revolves around Anouk's feeding windows. They're like 2.5 hours. I feed Anouk, she sleeps, I smash out some work, she wakes, I feed her, she sleeps, I smash out work, she wake etc etc etc. I'm at the whim of my daughter. It's fine, I love her, BUT, I miss my freedom and I have seriously neglected yoga and meditation. I can feel my mind constantly occupied by goals. I miss being in the present moment. Yoga makes me stop and forces me to focus on my breath. Without a regular practise I really notice the difference. So! I sighed up to a free yoga course. It's a 30 day challenge. I already missed two days out of the four but whatever, it's good and I like it and when I do it I feel more grounded and have more patience as a mother and wife (wins all round). I'm doing the breath playlist, join if you're like me and can't find time to go to an actual yoga class or are in lockdown and can't leave your house.

Something I'm loving?... This book!

It's called "So tell me about the last time you had sex" and it's by Ian Kerner, a sex therapist.

Now if you found me on Instagram, or if you know me in real life, then you know I'm a pretty open book and that's not gonna change. So a bit of context for you about why I'm loving this book without going into too much detail...

My first sexual experience was very humiliating and shameful and that impacted every subsequent sexual experience there after. It's only now, in a healthy safe loving relationship that I am able to unravel and explore it. So when I saw this in my local bookstore (shout out to Bookacino) I was drawn to it immediately. I think it's worth reading for anyone who is interested in expanding their awareness around sex, intercourse, pleasure, intimacy, turn on and turn offs etc. Whether you're in a relationship or not, it's a book you won't regret buying simply because it will expand your mind.

Okay Matilda, we have stuff to do so let's wrap this up...

Totally. I hear you loud and clear. Who am I to waste your valuable time?! Last stop on the Sunkissed Casa Newsletter Train... Interior Design! And may I be so bold as to say, this is inspiration comes from my own home. It's something people always comment on when walk into my bedroom. Wallpaper! This is my bedroom at home before and after I added beautiful wallpaper. Some people love white, I'm a big fan of colours and texture because I grew up with a bohemian mother and nothing was white in our house. This wallpaper is from Porters Paints. But there are so many good ones out there. Find the right one for your room and see it transform!

Okay. That's all. Thanks for reading! Don't forgot to message me and tell me what you liked and didn't like. That way I can improve for next time. See you in a few weeks.

Love Matilda (& Scott) Xx


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