• Matilda Brown

Step Into 2022 with a BANG!

Hello and welcome to 2022! For those of you wanting to start the year with your health at the forefront (like me) I've hit up Scott for some hot tips on how to best achieve that - without putting yourself under too much pressure. After all, we want to enjoy LIFE life right?


So, here are Scott's 5 small tips to start the new year with a glint in your eye...

Numero Uno: Start your day with 500 - 750+ mls of water to replenish lost hydration throughout your sleep. Consume 3 litres across the day more if hot or exercising. Being marginally dehydrated can cause significant loss in focus, cognitive function and motivation.


#2: Truncate your feeding window to roughly 8 hours. This will ensure you are dovetailing into your circadian clock or biological rhythm - arguably the most potent thing we can do for our health. What is a feeding window I hear you ask? It's the time measured from when you stop consuming calories at night to when you start consuming them in the morning. That includes all beverages as well, except water (or a bulletproof / black coffee)


#3 Exercise in the morning! Do whatever you actually LIKE doing and do it consistently. Getting a bout of exercise done first thing will help to set a positive tone for the rest of the day. See? Look how much fun Homer is having.


#4: Get some early morning sun on your eyes (without looking at the sun!!). Ideally spend 20+ mins outside in the early morning sun to douse your melanopsin receptors with blue light. This in-turn sets a countdown timer on your physiology as to when you’ll transition to restfulness and sleep.


#5: Get 7-8 hours sleep a night. Set a timer if needs be to alert you when you should be getting ready for bed. Good and consistent sleep is a powerful ingredient for longevity and well-being. Like, this little guy!


There! That's it! How easy peasy is that??

And if you want to take your health goals to the next level you can ditch the booze like Scott and I have for the whole year! We're 10 days in and feeling GREAT! See?...

Jokes. That was just the other morning after your average mothering breakdown. I'm fine now.

For more reasons to explore health, book a session with Scott to ensure you’re heading in the right direction with your health this year. He offers 15min, 30 min and 45 min consultation slots ( and all discounted 10% for the month of January.

Lots of Love,

Matilda. xx

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