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Q& A with Psychic & Energetic Healer Reaya Pellegrini

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Reaya is a natural healer and infuses her practice with inner wisdom, sacred femininity and Divine Energy. She loves connecting with people and supporting them, through different healing modalities including: guided soul readings, Reiki, energy and sound healing, and mindfulness.

Hello! And welcome to this Witchy blog where I chat to Reaya about her energetic healing and psychic abilities. I have personally had an amazing reading from Raeya before, as have many people I know, and she is ON. THE. MONEY. So I thought it would be interesting to pick her brains on how she does it.

Q: Hi Reaya. I'm so excited to be able to ask you these questions. I have been to many psychics but I'm always there to ask about myself, never them, never their process, or how they come into this line of work. So now is my chance! The first thing I really want to know is… how did you know you could “read” people, or “see” things… How old were you and how did it manifest for you?

A: When I was young I was just really in tune with things. I felt things on such a deep level and I was highly sensitive. I just felt things that other didn’t feel. I remember my mum going to psychics when I was young and I would have to wait for her while she went in. I couldn’t go in with her but I was fascinated. I wanted to know more. By the age of 15 I had my first reading with a tarot reader and I still remember the first card was the death card!!! And she said to me out with the old and in with the new. This saying has stuck with me. I then went on and bought a deck of tarot cards and I would study them and read them. I loved it. By 16 I learnt reiki and started going to meditations at this lady’s house. This world fascinated me. My teachers were always amazed at how fast I picked things up. It was like I had done this before. I guess it was my calling.

Q: We met at the markets and I never knew you were a psychic. I think back to that time and wonder what you can take in from people who are just passing you by. Do you see things in people even when you're not reading them? Do you ever get random messages or visions? And what do you do with them if the person hasn’t actually come to see you for a session?

A: I can actually switch off. I can tap in and out whenever I want. I don’t need to know everyone’s “stuff”. It’s nice to just be me, if that makes sense and then when I am working with spirits, then I am tapped in. If I feel someone needs to know something and they are open then I would share. That doesn’t happen very often though.

Q: When people ask you what you do for work, what do you say? Is it ever met with a roll of the eyes or scepticism? How do you deal with that?

A: I tell people that I am a healer/ psychic. I am proud of the work that I do. I feel that I have a gift and I get to share this with other. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable then, that’s for them to deal with it. Most people are fascinated with my work and more inquisitive than sceptical.

Q: Is there a psychics club /school that you’re part of? Like Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Lol.

A: Nope.. maybe I should start one 😉

Q: Do you have to constantly keep working on your skills? Like a painter? And if so, what do you do? Or is it a case of, once a psychic always a psychic?

A: I love learning about new methods and ways to improve what I do and I read a lot. I would say most of my work and what I need to do is channeled through spirits. I trust this and I like doing what I am guided to do. I think that’s more with my healing work. As for psychic work, once you know you know. It’s just trusting the information that I hear and passing that on. The more readings I do the better I become. Each day I feel I just keep getting better at it.

Q: Are some people easier to tap into than others? Or rather, is it easier to download information on some than others? Feel free to correct my terminology in your answers. Do you ever get NOTHING??

A: Yes. With some clients informations just pours through you and it comes thick and fast and then with others, that I would say aren’t so open, it’s a bit harder. I think it all has to do with the person’s energy. I have never not read for someone. Information always comes through. Sometimes people get messages that they are not ready to hear or they don’t resonate with them immediately. It can make sense to them later down the track.

Q: What happens when you receive bad news about someone during a session?

A: I have to share what I hear. It’s not always easy, but people come to me to know, so I feel it’s the right thing to do. It’s always for your highest good. The universe is never out to harm you, it only wants you to heal. For example if you are in a bad relationship, and I receive a message that you need to leave. I share that with a compassionate heart.

Q: Can anyone be psychic? Is it a muscle you have to work?

A: I believe that we are all psychics. We all have an innate wisdom and understanding . It’s just about tapping into this. I always recommend meditation as a tool to connect to our own guidance and spirit guides. When you quieten the mind the soul speaks.

Q: What is this whole thing about the number 11. I’m all believing in the spirit world but I’m a bit of an eye roller when people say "11:11, make a wish” Please explain.

A: 11:11 in the spirit world is a highly transformation number. It’s known as a power number. Many healers have 11 as their birth number. Yes I do as well. When it comes to 11:11 they say it’s a sign from your angels that you are on track with your journey. In that moment when you see 11:11 it takes a snapshot of your thoughts and sends it out to the universe and when that happens you receive what you are thinking. That’s why they say “Make a wish”.

Q: What's the main reason people come to see you?

A: Many of my clients come for insights into what’s happening in their lives , some people are at a cross roads and want to know what direction they should take. They also come to release emotions and trauma. I do a lot of healing work with my clients as well. The healing is what sets us free. Freeing the soul from suffering is really important. We tend to put limits on ourselves because of our past experiences. If we can see where those limits have been set, then we can change and alter them so that we can be more expansive in the way we think, feel and achieve. The universe has no limits, only we do.

Q: What do you LOVE about what you do?

A: I love all of what I do. I love seeing the transformation in people. They come in feeling lost and afraid and you can see once they shift out of the negative space or thoughts within themselves then they look different. They look lighter.

I have always been drawn to helping others. I want people to be the best version of themselves become they deserve that. We all get lost in our thoughts and feelings and sometimes it’s really nice to unpack this and bring in a fresh perspective.

Q: Do you get exhausted by holding space for people? How do you maintain mental health and clarity?

A: It depends. Most of the time I don’t feel exhausted. It just depends on where people are at. If they are open to do the work, then to me it feels easy. If they aren’t ready then it can be a bit more tiring. Often clients feel they exhaust me but I rarely feel that. It’s like a tap into this energy and I am protected so that I can do my work. I always clear and cleanse myself and my space.

Q: What is your version of the after life, pre-life, spirit life? Whatever you want to call it. And what are we doing here?

A: Beautiful question. Something I believe I am still understanding. I believe in the after life; there are so many levels to the spirit world and what happens to us. I believe that we are one with everything. We are here to find ourselves and the meaning of life. We are here to find our happiness and to be in flow with ourselves. Not many people reach this state of awareness because we all seem to want something we don’t have. The answer is to be authentic and when you live your life in accordance to what you feel is right, for your highest good and with the highest good of those around us, that’s how we reach happiness.

Q: Finally, if people want to book in to see you how do they do that?

A: They can head to my website:

I offer sessions in person and virtually.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed that. Head to Reaya's website and book a session asap. I highly recommend it. :)

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