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Our Wedding & The Story of How We Met.

Our wedding day was the most beautiful day of. my. life. (minus the days I birthed both my kids of course). We were supposed to get married at the family farm up north but the 2019 bushfires had swept through the week prior, and burnt everything in their wake, minus our farm house. It left behind charged trees and a lingering cloud of orange smoke. We had one week to replan everything. Amazingly, we pulled it off and ended up getting married on Cockatoo Island. I told the story of how Scott and I met in my wedding speech, so thought I'd share a few photos of our beautiful day and... (cringe) our love story.

I first met Scott about nine years ago. I was having lunch at a cafe in Bondi with his ex when he walked in. I have to admit, It wasn’t love at first sight. To me Scott seemed like the epitome of a Bondi wanker. Tattooed guns out, tight ripped Nudie jeans and a cool hair cut that resembled a cockatoo. There seemed to be an air of arrogance about him and I quickly cast him into the basket of “not remotely interested”. When I think back to that morning, if someone had told me I was going to end up here, married to that guy, I simply would not have believed them. Life is pretty weird like that.

Over the next 4 years I bumped into Scott several times. We both lived in Bondi so there was the odd wave or nod of acknowledgement but nothing more. At some point I guess we must have become FB friends because out of nowhere Scott contacted me. “Hey Matilda -“ the message said. “Sorry to trouble you... but I asked our mutual friend Melanie, if I asked you for a coffee what she thought you'd say. She said you'd definitely say no so based on this I have low expectations but thought I'd ask anyway ...would you like to have a coffee?“ I was surprised. Scott had given no indication over the years that he even knew my name. And pretty gutsy too I thought, to ask out someone who Is almost a definite no. My opinion of Scott went up... but he still had that haircut and I had just started seeing someone. So I politely declined and Scott wished me well.

Over the next year id receive the odd message checking in, asking how LA was, asking if I wanted to abseil down a building, and eventually asking if he could interview me for his podcast. "Sure". I said. "What’s it about?" "It’s a health podcast. But Im thinking of branching out."

"To actors?" "Yeah". "Ok".

I was still in LA. So we set a date for him to come round when I got back, to interview me for his health podcast. Two months later. I arrived home. It was nearing the end of the year and I was exhausted. I’d opened my heart to someone and had it trampled on, I’d poured all my creative energy and time into writing a show that got very close to being picked up, only to be let down. I’d come back from LA exhausted, alone and despite my usual resilience, pretty fucking miserable. So I booked in to see my kinesiologist Lisa who doubles as a psychic. "Lisa" I said, after bawling for half an hour on her massage table, "I just want to know where he is. Where is my man? When is he coming?? I’m so bored of dating, so bored of searching. I’ve put a reserved sign on my bed and I’m not letting anyone near it unless its my husband". Lisa closed her eyes and tuned in to her guides. "Look out for a man with a child" she said. "I think you’re going to be a step mum. And I’m getting told you already know him". I wracked my brain. The only single guy i knew with a kid was Scott. Lisa looked at me. "Do you know any single men with children she asked?" "One", I said, "but he has the most ridiculous haircut. he’s definitely not my husband". "Go home" she said. "Take the reserved sign off and tell the universe you’re ready to meet him".

That evening I stood in my room, metaphorically took the reserved sign off my bed and told the universe I was ready. I had completely forgotten that Scott was due to arrive at my house the following day for the podcast. The last thing I wanted was to put on a smile and muster the energy to be interviewed. I thought about cancelling but id already let this guy down so many times, I couldn’t do it again. So...the following day Scott came round and we sat outside under the flight path and we chatted. And we learnt about each other. And I learnt that I’d misjudged him. That he wasn’t at all arrogant. He was shy. That he had a lovely calm energy. And that I felt good in his presence. Relaxed. And completely Myself. When he left, I had a rather large awakening. If Scott didn’t have a cockatoo haircut, he’d actually be very handsome. And In that moment, a small crush formed. We started dating after that. And despite the hair and tats, and tight ripped nudie jeans, I fell pretty head over heels in love with him.

I fell for Scott’s kindness. For his dry sense of humour which can often go unnoticed. I fell for his dedication to being a great father to Tashi. His respect toward Tashi’s mother Skye. His love for his mum Maureen and sister Michelle, and late father Richard, who I know he adored. I fell for his ability to try. To work his ass off to make opportunities amount to something. And when they don’t amount to something, his ability to dust himself off and try again. I fell for his sweetness toward my family and friends. The interest he shows in their lives. Have you spoken to your family today? He asks me every single day. How are they? What’s their news? How’s Arielle? How’s Amy? What’s their news? I fell for his openness and receptiveness to my never ending need to communicate and talk things out. And how every time I ask him to lift something, move something, pick up something, buy something, do something... he finds the time/the energy/the availability to help me. Not always without a grumble, he’s not perfect, but he does it. I fell for his blue eyes. His tattooed arms. His legs in jeans. His sentimentality. His competitiveness. His quiet ambition.

I don’t know why or how the stars aligned the day we met. But I’m bloody glad they did. Thank you for making me a mother. Our little family means everything to me. And thank you for making me your wife. I’m so proud to call you my hubby.


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