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Regenerative meat boxes straight to your door.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

OMG. We just launched our new business and we really want to share it with you!

We deliver regenerative meat boxes from our farm, straight to your door.

How does it work? Well, below is a photo of my parents, standing on the verandah of the farm house (she's sticking her finger up at me, not you). Mum is a legit farmer these days and is literally out in the paddocks tending to the cows, fixing broken fences and driving the tractor with our farm manager Mick. Dad just sits on the balcony reading crime novels. Scott and I are Sydney based and run the meat boxes side of things.

Some of our happy cows.

That's Scott at the farm.

What is regenerative farming you ask?

- chemical free

- holistic land management

- cell grazing

- working with nature not against it

If you eat meat and want to support best practise farming, head over to the site and place your order to receive your very special, happy cow, happy soil, happy farmer, meat box.

Guaranteed to make you happy.

Dad and Mick having a chat on the balcony.

We are super proud of being able to offer this service. If you feel passionate about what we are doing and want to share it, we would love that. Thank you. xx


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